“How I Trolled COVID 19” – 10 Enormous Troll Sculptures (Recycled Wood)

Thomas Dambo reminds me a bit of my father when he says “I find trash in the streets and turn it into something new.” My father would always make something from something old, fix it, or hoard it in the attic. Thomas Dambo on the other hand goes fully artistic and not just a tiny bit, he goes straight to house-scaled sculptures using recycled wood! Artist from Copenhagen, Denmark, Dambo cleans out recycled materials from city dumpsters, to create and inspire people. As an artist, he was left scarred when the COVID struck; he was unable to finish his projects, and incomes were suddenly cut short. The business started falling apart due to lockdowns, and depression grew inside the body of a chained sculptor. Suddenly deciding to make the best out of the situation, and to focus on something positive, Dambo started a project “TEN-SCULPTURE, NATIONWIDE, CORONA-FRIENDLY TREASURE HUNT FOR GIANTS IN THE WILD!” Almost 1000 people requested to volunteer for the project, including scavengers, people taking pallets apart, making sandwiches, and making coffee. It ended up being a massive community project! The rest is history! As the artist shared: “Dreams can be made of anything, so watch out before you take your trash out!”

More info: Thomas Dambo, Instagram, Youtube.

Built by artist/sculptor Thomas Dambo and his amazing volunteers. Location: Østre Dæmning, Odense.

Photo credits: Thomas Dambo

Dambo created a treasure hunt for the 10 giant trolls he had created during the COVID 19 lockdown. Location: Skrædderholmen, Copenhagen.

“It was so fun to be a part of a little timeless troll bubble, where nothing else existed and we just lived inside this fairytale building trolls in the forest.” Location: Ashøj, Hurup.

“It was really the best summer ever and just the perfect way to introduce my American wife to all the outskirts of Denmark.” Location: Lynghøjsøerne, Roskilde.


“[It was amazing] meeting new friends around the country along the way in the 6 months it took us to build all 10 sculptures.” Location: Søvang, Amager.

While revisiting one troll location, even during the heavy snow, the artist counted 98 people coming in and out in just 1 hour! Imagine the number of visitors year-round! Location: Stjelepladensen – Sydhavn, Copenhagen.

“[The fact so many people came to visit] makes me really proud and puts a fat line under the main message of all my art.” Location: Egholm, Aalborg.

Dreams can be made of anything, so watch out before you take your trash out! Location: Nordhavn, Copenhagen.


You can also see how the project came to be on the sculptor’s YouTube channel. Location: Søbadet, Silkeborg.

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