10 ‘Facts You Probably Didn’t Know That Could Save Your Life’ by Jack Neel

Jack Neel, the storyteller, and video creator best known as the founder of the “fyp” channel on TikTok (7.3 million followers) has spoken about his career and the way he got into life-saving facts videos in an interview for Bored Panda. Jack uses his platform to create educational series for the past two years, and lately, he has narrowed down his videos to horror/true-crime genres. The most popular series have become ‘Facts That Could Save Your Life’, which fit perfectly on the channel since they bring that dark/mysterious feeling to it. Obviously, people want to know how to survive these strange situations, and they are having a blast learning about these rare but possible incidents especially as many could accrue in a common-day environment. Enjoy learning folks, thanks to Jack you just might survive a ‘sharknado’ if it ever comes.

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“If you ever wake up in the middle of the night to the smell of gas, do NOT turn on the light. A spark from a light switch could blow up the entire house.”

Credit: fyp, Dean Hochman

“If your house smells like fish for absolutely no reason, 9 times out of 10 it means that there is an electrical fire.”

Credit: fyp

“If a tornado looks like it’s not moving, it’s actually moving towards you [or away from you].”

Credit: fyp, Nikolas Noonan

“If a service dog ever approaches you without its owner, follow them and do it quickly because potentially you can save someone else’s life.”

Credit: fyp, Roland Tanglao

“If you’re ever buried in an avalanche, spit. Your saliva will follow the gravity and you can ‘simply’ dig the opposite way.”

Credit: fyp, wikipedia

The machine that sets the pins at the bowling alley is extremely dangerous. So if you slide into the pins as a joke, there is a very good chance that you will be crushed to death.”

Credit: fyp, Ella Christenson

If you are in a foreign country and need to call for help, but don’t know the emergency number, call 1 1 2. It’s the international emergency number and will automatically connect you to the nearest help line.”

Credit: fyp, Paul Hanaoka

If someone ever tries to grab you, scratch them. Their DNA will now be in your nails.

Credit: fyp, wikipedia

Everyone hates red eyes in photos. But if your pupils reflect white in a picture, it could be a sign that something is seriously wrong with your eyes, such as cataract, retina problems, or even eye cancer.”

Credit: fyp

“If you are ever being chased by a polar bear get completely naked and drop your clothes on the ground as you run away. Polar bears have really bad ADD and will firmly inspect your clothes before chasing you again.”

Credit: fyp,Hans-Jurgen Mager, via [boredpanda]