10 years of Insane Christmas Cards from Son to his Mother

“My mother jokingly suggested I ‘sober up’ and send out my own Christmas cards,” comedian John Cessna speaks about the year 2008. It was the year when John was away for school and he was about to miss his family’s Christmas photo shoot. It was also a year when all hell broke loose and the funniest Christmas card franchise was born! “At first my mom wasn’t a huge fan and kind of shrugged it off, but she’s come around and now thinks they’re ‘ok, sort of funny.’ This project is rooted in friendship for myself and my collaborators. It’s a chance for us all to come together and work on something like we used to in college. We’re spread across 4 states now, all with jobs, some with kids, so it’s a reunion, and I think this year had a strong focus on that. These are never gonna make us famous or rich, so let’s have fun. This is the tenth year for the cards, and if Jason X was in space, then I wanted to bring space to the cards.” In the end, this was almost a welcoming therapy and hanging out with old pals for John. “it was really refreshing to create something with people I love. Even if that did involve a severed leg.” Now we wait for the next year until then, check out John’s Instagram, and Twitter.

2008 – Mom said jokingly to her son to ‘sober up’


2009 – She wasn’t ready for what came next

2010 – After a while, she started thinking it is sort of funny










2018 – Jason X went to space so did we

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