1000 Ways to End You-Know-Who by No Skill Comic

“In 2020 the world stayed home in quarantine. People went nuts but I learned how to do comics. No skill whatsoever.” Witty words by new illustrator on the street or perhaps web, an illustrator nonetheless, going by the name . . .  > No Skill Comic < (epic music follows in the background, the earth shakes, windows break, then a long pause). Each new day brings a new silly comic. Now counting more than 100, and you can see them all on Instagram. Artist shared on his official website: “I had a lot of free time and decided to do something useful with it. Did I do something? Yes. Was it useful? Absolutely not. I did a few comics and they made some people laugh. So I carried on doing comics. You may have seen some of them out there on the interweb and blew air through your nose a lil’ bit. That’s good enough for me.”

More info: Instagram, noskillcomic.com


Created by: No Skill Comic



#78 “A couple of months ago, I started this project as a way of spending my time in quarantine away from the sofa.”

#79 “I doodled a few jokes about ending Voldemort, and people just kept asking for more!”


#85 “Seeing as the quarantine just keeps going on, so will my silly jokes.”

#88 “Somebody Waited Too Long At The Doorbell”

#91 “I’ve done more than 100 now, and I keep updating my Instagram account with new comics every day.”





#103 “The first 100 were purely Harry Potter universe, but now I’m into crossovers!”

#108 Visit artist’s Instagram for daily uploads of new ways to kill Voldemort


#109 “Snowdemort”

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