Cleverly Designed Tiny Vacation Homes for Your Relaxing Getaway

A newly engaged couple, Kris and Ali, wanted to create a place that could be shared with their family and friends. Their property is located off the coast of Vancouver, and they tapped local firm Trim Studio to help bring their vision to life. The caveat, however, was that the structure couldn’t exceed 100 square feet and be more than 16 feet tall. With the size restrictions in mind, Trim Studio began designing a secluded tiny vacation home. They situated the front of the building towards the northeast and installed floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors. Above the entrance, they placed large windows. Together, the glazing offers an incredible view of the Strait of Georgia as well as downtown Vancouver. And that’s how 100-square-foot Galiano 100 was created. The interior of Galiano 100 has an airy look and feel. The idyllic natural surroundings mean that plenty of time will be spent outdoors, and Trim Studio has made the exterior as appealing as the interior. Scroll through our little gallery and be free to start thinking about your next vacation.

A vacation home doesn’t have to be massive to be a relaxing getaway.


The design requirements were straightforward; a living room, kitchen, wood-burning stove, bathroom, bedroom, patio, outdoor shower, and a place to store logs.

Using white paneling that contrasts with natural wood, the mostly light-neutral palette is accented by black lower cabinets in the kitchenette and dark trim throughout. This aesthetic, along with the ample natural light, makes the space seem a lot larger than it actually is.

The bedroom is a loft and bathroom is hidden under the stairs. Any lighting is placed in the ceiling and features like open shelving preserve functionality without adding to clutter.


Surrounding three sides of Galiano 100 is a wood porch with an outdoor shower, grill, and log storage.

Beyond the front steps is a secondary deck that is perfect for lounging with a Jacuzzi and Adirondack chairs for ultimate relaxation.


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