11-Year-Old Ballet Dancer From Nigeria Dances in The Rain and Mud – Becomes Famous

Barefoot in the mud, dancing in the rain, an 11-year-old ballet dancer from Nigeria, Anthony Mmmesoma Madu had the entire world watching him. A short video that you can watch following the link below, in which Anthony dances in the rain was what earned him a scholarship to a prestigious US summer workshop! As a dance school in Nigeria, Africa, Leap of Dance Academy aims to educate the audience and prove that ballet is here to stay. Changing the stereotypes, young Anthony says the ballet is for both boys and girls. The school also shared in an Instagram post that “when ballet was created 400 years ago, it was created for men. Men were the first dancers.” Immediately after Cynthia Harvey, the artistic director of NY’s American Ballet Theater Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School of Dance saw Antony’s dancing video, she was on a mission to find him. Soon, a young Anthony who only trained in his teacher’s basement and the public spaces was a boy with an offer of a scholarship to a virtual three-week intensive summer workshop in the US.

More info: Leap of Dance Academy – Instagram, Watch the Video of Anthony Dancing in the Rain.

Graceful 11-year-old Anthony Mmmesoma Madu

Photo credits: leapofdanceacademy

A boy that could only train in his teacher’s basement and the public places.

Dancing in the rain, barefoot in the mud.

Earned himself a scholarship from New York Dance School after his dancing video went viral


“Our grade one ballet students taking a walk after class.” – Leap of Dance Academy

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