113 ‘Princess’ Dresses Handsewn by Amazing Sarah Hambly

Her unique ‘geek couture’ clothing was in the spotlight at the end of the last year after Sarah decided to share with the world and her followers on Twitter all the dresses she created during 2020. She made 113 outfits from the scratch! From wedding gown to Witcher inspired dresses, Daenerys Targaryen winter coat, Hogwarts houses gowns – and there are more! What’s the most impressive is the fact that Sarah Hambly is only four years in ‘haute couture’, yet her creations are here to stay forever. Her mother taught her to sew, and from there she combined her love of pop culture and design to create stunning dresses you see in the photos below. Sarah Hanbly’s career in fashion design began in 2016 when she was selected as a finalist for the Her Universe Fashion show at San Diego Comic-Con. After that Sarah competed yearly at the ‘Her Universe Fashion Show’. In 2019 she won the Audience Award and created a collection of clothing which was later sold at ‘Her Universe’ and ‘Hot Topic’ the following year. In 2020 she began to share her design process on social media, and quickly amassed nearly 3 million followers on TikTok, driving interest to what she called ‘geek couture’, a niche fashion corner of couture and pop culture. We suggest you visit Sarah’s website, as well as her social media accounts – Instagram, Twiter, and TikTok for more elaborate gowns, costumes, cosplays, and design processes.

Sarah Hambly made 113 outfits just in 2020!

Photo credits: Sarah Hambly


Daenerys Targaryen Coat

Hufflepuff inspired dress


Giambattista Valli

A Strawberry Dress

Fairy Inspired



Yennefer inspired dress

Holiday Barbie: 2019

Made For The Film ‘Wonderwell’

Loki inspired dress


Slytherin inspired dress

Ravenclaw inspired dress

Gryffindor inspired dress


Fairy inspired dress

Folklore inspired wedding dress

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