15+ Cutest Cat Tattoo Ideas

Some of the best cat tattoo ideas just dropped in. Cat eyes might be the most beautiful sight you could ever see and inking it down in a magically colorful style is the way to go. Choose by your likings: watercolor, black ink, fine line, small and subtle or medium and striking! A little piece of kitty ink is always lovely. You could even pay a beautiful tribute to your beloved cat that you’ve lost to kitty heaven and clouds and carry her with you everywhere you go forever. After you enjoy these amazing skin arts, Curious Doodle has prepared for you ladies even more goodies. Check out these ‘Exceptional Black Ink Flower Tattoos by Emily Weber’ and ever-trendy ‘Amazing Cactus Tattoos’.

Tattoo your own cat and bring him everywhere you go!

UV Tattoo – Surprise!




Adorable kitten tattoo is always a safe route

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