15 Epic Halloween House/Yard Decorations

Welcome to the spookiest place on Earth, your neighborhood! These are the most epic Halloween yard house decorations you’ll ever see. You may be too lazy to prepare in time for each Halloween but these people are purest enthusiasts, dedicated in their passion. Creating entire fake house facade in front of your real house takes some serious time, as well as collecting a 3000-pumpkin army. Take a sip of inspiration position from these fine ghouls and ghosts and make your house the scariest of them all! Let the frightening begin!

Kenova, West Virginia


Cockneys vs Zombies

Might just be the best one yet!


Very unpleasant

Dying trends

Red lights, fake hands, and a pallet, quite simple


TWD real life

Epic Transformers hand made each year

More like an epic fail as police came knocking quite fast


via [boredpanda]