15 Pregnant Ladies Being Bluntly Honest About Their ‘Magical Experience’

We never really think about pregnancy or what our mothers had gone through when they had us in their belly. We think, yes, everyone in the world gets pregnant, it’s a bit tough, but a few months later it’s over and you just kind of pop the baby out and continue your life just like before. Of course, nobody really thinks like that, but still, not too far from it to be fair. In reality, the chaos that happens to ladies, the struggles, the changes both physical and chemical/emotional due to sudden and dramatic increases in estrogen and progesterone is unimaginable until it hits you. The hunger, the rage, the tears, the fears, the madness that people love to describe as a magical experience becomes just that after the baby is born healthy and everyone feels relief and happiness that they’ve never experienced before. But those 9 months are something to be honest about and these 15 ladies are our favorite ones in terms of how they’re dealing with their pregnancy. Like legends we mean. Legends!

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“My 39-Week Pregnant Wife Went To The Store To “Get Stuff For Dinner”. This Is What She Came Home With.”

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“My Wife Sneaking Up On Me”

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“I Texted My 36 Week Pregnant Wife To Ask How She Was Feeling, This Was The Photo I Got In Response.”

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“My Pregnant Wife Has Been Practicing Her Swaddling Technique On The Dog.”

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“A Gift My Husband Made For Me To Use When Strangers/Family Get Too Grabby Towards My Belly Without Asking First.”

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“Before And After”

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