15 Puppies with Heart-Melting Powers

Even some puppies are meant to be soldiers. Here you will see a puppy on its first day meeting its partner while reporting for duty. The confusion and little worrying eyes, and ears that fell over his face is the definition of being adorably cute. The rest of these puppies are less bittersweet and more just sweet sweet sweet! Look deep into these eyes and tell them they’re not the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen in your life. Some doggos are fluffy, some are colorful and some carry a flower as if they really needed something to enhance their cuteness. Cry your happy tears out to these adorable babies.

Like he needed something to enhance his cuteness



But…but why?


Heart behind his head

Reporting for duty, gonna make my country proud!



Their mother seems to be losing color for her younglings

Don’t at me. I’m a beast!


I’m Groot

Sunglasses please

via [boredpanda]