16 Ingenious Surreal Image Manipulations

Creative thinking is what Russia’s Artem Pozdniakov has mastered and used in all of his surreal work. Any resemblance between two random objects that strikes Artem’s fascinating mind could end up becoming a piece of art. The unique way that he approaches his work gives him endless space to work and with artistic limitations. Relatively young on Instagram where he’s called 360brain, he’s starting to get more and more followers who can enjoy his hilarious and ingenious art. If it’s done by Artem, the image you see will without a fail make you think for a bit and then leave you with a satisfying grin on your face. That is what his art is all about. If you like what you see here check more of his work his Instagram or Behance.

Ingenious and creative, absurd yet logical thinking process by Artem Pozdniakov


The pinch, it wouldn’t hurt anymore

So simple yet so amazing

The ice cream mountain



Baby you look so sweet


Rastafarian Lion

Trust me, don’t post that pic online. Do not.


And the tatts are under the fur

If you blow me, I’ll die.

via [fubiz]