20 Country Flags Reimagined as Anime Characters

A handful of artists from Japan have come together to create something amazing for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Drawing inspiration from art they are incredibly passionate about, anime, World Flags created a sort of an unofficial promotional campaign for the Olympics. They reimagined the participating countries into cool and amazing characters. They drew them in typical Japanese fashion; this being traditional Japanese wear and armor alongside weapons like the katana. Of course, they also kept in mind each country’s national identity, culture, and history, and World Flags fused this and their drawing style into a beautiful visual harmony, which is what we would expect of the Olympics and the host nation together to look like. This wonderful contribution to the Olympics is not yet finished; there are still many countries that are missing. However, World Flags has promised not to stop drawing these “warriors” until every country in the world gets its own representative in the “grand battle” that will be the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. If you like these battle-ready characters then visit World Flags at their website for more amazing drawings.

1# Mexico


2# USA

3# Canada

4# United Kingdom


5# Germany

6# France

7# Spain

8# Italy


9# The Netherlands

10# Switzerland

11# Sweden

12# Philippines


13# Vietnam

14# Japan

15# South Korea

16# China


17# Malaysia

18# South Africa

19# Russia

20# India



Via [boredpanda]