20 Dogs Working Hard at Their Real/Human Job

If you would try to train your own dog you’ll be astonished in just a couple of days by their progress; imagine weeks, months! A friend of mine had a dog, it seemed pretty dumb even for a regular dog, it ran away from home each chance it got. But one day my friend decided to teach already grown up dog some tricks. It learned so fast! Walking through legs while human walks, spinning in a circle on command, waiting for permission to eat food in front of him, giving his paw and much more. Just after 2 weeks, he had a freaking doggo genius.
Knowing that it’s no wonder people even employ dogs at real work, doing real jobs! These pups are helping people and animals in such a magnificent way it is simply beautiful. Enjoy our favorite hard working doggies in the world.

K9 training


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Helping children to testify

Born Mechanic

Dogs acting in the best video game in the history – The Last of Us – Part II


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The dog that follows you around and takes items to the counter for you


This is Hope. She gives Kisses And Candy At The Airport On Valentine’s Day

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Doug works at the Vets office

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Jerry is a therapy dog that will put a smile on both of your faces


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Rusty Volunteers Hospital Cheering Up Patients

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A Certified Search Dog For BC Search & Rescue

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The name is Oreo. I greet people at menswear store

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Digs sea turtles from nests to safety


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This is Hyatt – a resident caretaker

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Customer service that listen to you at the body shop

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Comfort dog in the areas where a traumatic event occurred

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Barney Is an Assistant at the Post Office in Drumshambo, County Leitrim, Ireland


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Best. Flower. Assistant. Ever!

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Lifeguards from Croatia

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Police puppster ready for duty, stopping crime and such

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Scaring birds away from the aircrafts


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Emotional support at the Psychiatrist office

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If you come to this bar, you’ll be greeted by STELLAAAAAAA

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Truffle Hunter

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