20 Halloween Costumes to Help You Mask This Year

The Purge as in the movie well the closest thing we have to it may be Halloween? You don’t have to be frustrated that much to enjoy this spooky holiday. It’s for all ages and all personalities. All you need to be is creative, playful, or grim like the reaper. Everybody is welcome as long as you scare the crap out of someone or put a smile on somebody’s face. To me, each year feels like I can’t wait for Halloween to come to dress up, but then each year when the October comes I say we have time people until 31th to make our costumes. And now it’s 29th and of course, I GOT NOTHING! To make things even worse the 30th of October is also my GF’s birthday and it’s a mask-up party of course. AND I STIL GOT NOTHING! I guess I’ll scroll down with you guys and try to find something quick for tomorrow. Yikes.

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He caught her real good. Khm.

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The man himself came out straight out of the painting

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Mr. President coming through

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So, how does your office look like these days?

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9-year-old with cerebral palsy dresses up as Beetlejuice

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Daughter is her dad for this Halloween

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Very, very expensive outfit doggo

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They could dress him up as Elvis Presley also cuz he was…

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Mesmerized By Michelle Obama’s Official Portrait

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The Last of Us – It’s Real!

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Planning what to do with a little Batman in the class

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Amazing anglerfish costumes

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She’s a stinker when she poops

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Forrest Gump And Lieutenant Dan

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Lara Croft 1996

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James Hetfield

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