20 Unique Genetics That You Need to See to Believe

Being born different often can cause problems with being accepted in a social environment, especially when young. But in this era when kids grow up watching superheroes on TV all the time, this might be the perfect day to be born with unique physical traits. It can be a struggle for sure, but also a hell of a conversation started, which is straight opposite from being a social obstacle. Adversity in people is what makes us unique and more interesting than others. This is the list of people mostly born with so-called disadvantages and some are just super cool looking genetics that makes them special and amazing from the moment you lay eyes on them.

Baby born with the same birthmark in her hair as her mother


Born without a bridge in his nose

Can grab things backwards!!

Heterochromia iridis – a genetic variation that manifests in multicolored eyes


Born without a nail on her finger

Flipping people off double

From from his mother and one from his father

Two-colored eyelashes


Wannabe Morgan Freeman – Imposter!

One streak of black hair

Born to do this!

Lizard people are real


A scar in his eye unfortunately resulting in a distorted vision

Never had his pinky and a thumb

Two colleagues, 6 toes + 4 toes = it’s all there

Born to struggle with finding a good haircut


Straight line

Perfect number 2

via [boredpanda]