20 Finalists for 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Top 41 photographs out of more than 2000 high-quality entries have just been announced by the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Tom Sullum is one of the founders and together organization stand for a great cause. Anyone can enter the contest, and in the end, there’re around 30% professionals and 70% amateur photographers. As for the cause of this amazing awards, Tom said: “our strong belief here at Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is that the smallest thing can help conservation. In 20 years some researchers estimate that elephants may well be gone from East Africa. Lions would be the next to follow. By following Born Free on social media you have made one positive step. By supporting them financially you make another big step. By sharing our posts, by buying the book, by keeping the conversation going… all these things help raise the issues of conservation.” Final winners of these awards will be announced on November 15th. For more hilarious photos and the rest of the finalists visit their official Facebook page.

Wet Smooch


Say Whaaa?

Hide! Mom is back.

Kung Fu Fighting


Dog or a bear?

I’m coming for you world!



Can you keep it quiet?

Woah woah woah, let’s talk about this

Teach me how to dance



Good Morning Mythical Beast

Considerate Bear


New album coming soon…

Fabulous Rhino

Let’s dance again, like we did last deer

Dud, I’m telling you, it’s that way.

Source: Bored Panda