Winner of the Best Wildlife Photos of 2018 Contest by London’s Natural History Museum

Here are the winners of the ‘Best Wildlife Photographs of 2018’ contest announced by London’s Natural History Museum. Photos carry a soul of each habitat, showcasing its beauty, vulnerability, and struggles caused by facing near extinction. 45 thousand entries from 95 countries, yet only one grand winner. The international jury has given that title to Dutch photographer Marsel van Oosten and his ‘The Golden Couple’ shot. The photo captures a pair of golden snub-nosed monkeys in Qin Ling Mountains of central China. Judges searched for artistic composition, technical innovation and truthful interpretation of the natural world and Marsel has added just a little bit of magic into his brilliant shot. One of the judges Roz Kidman Coz released a statement on Marsel’s photo saying: “It is a symbolic reminder of the beauty of nature and how impoverished we are becoming as nature is diminished. It is an artwork worthy of hanging in any gallery in the world.” Colors and lighting, as well as a perfect position that allowed Marsel to eternalize magnificent long guard hairs on the back of the male monkey and still make its face visible, are probably the main reasons this photo looks this amazing. Photographer used an off-camera flash that was in his wife’s hands, remotely controlled by him and a perfect lighting was born. Marsel’s goal is to bring knowledge closer to people about the crisis of extinction of plants and animals. “If current rates of human destruction of the biosphere continue, half of all plant and animal species of life on earth will be extinct within 100 years, says Marsel and continues: “Successful wildlife conservation starts with awareness, and most people don’t even know this species exists. I hope that my photograph will help to spread awareness about this species and that people will realize that not only the rhinos, tigers and polar bears are worth worrying about.”

Grand title winner photo – “The Golden Couple” by Marsel van Oosten

“One In A Million” By Morgan Heim

“Looking For Love” By Tony Wu



“Night Snack”

Poor poor bear

“Kuhirwa Mourns Her Baby” By Ricardo Núñez Montero

“The Catch” By Robert Irwin

Pyrolusite mineral growing on the low stone wall of a house

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