21 GEEKTASTIC Valentine’s Day Cards

PJ McQuade, aka Castle McQuade pairs portraits of characters from our favorite movies and television shows and has each of them express their affections in their way. The results are unique, expertly illustrated cards with amusing messages that are sure to make your valentine smile. “I started doing Valentine’s Day cards about eight years ago for family and friends and it has just grown and grown,” said McQuade. Every year he adds a few new cards to his collection, and now there are an impressive 21 designs to choose from. Take a look and in case you find some of these cards perfect for someone in your life, McQuade sells them through his own Castle McQuade online shop as well as Etsy Shop.

“I like riffing on geektastic pop culture characters and references,” explains McQuade, “making something new and fun with strong artistic backing and design elements.”


Ripley and Jonesy – “Alien”

Keanu Reeves

Yoda – “Star Wars”


Kylo Ren – “Star Wars”

Darth Wader – “Star Wars”

Lando Calrissian – “Star Wars”

Ian Malcolm – “Jurrasic Park”


Gollum – “Lord of the Rings”

The Hound – “Game of Thrones”

George McFly – “Back to the Future”

Pennywise – “It”


Larry David – “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

Agent Dale Cooper – “Twin Peaks”

Brick Tamland – “Anchorman”

Severus Snape – “Harry Potter”


Jareth – “Labyrinth”

“I love thinking about the reactions the cards get when acquired, then given and opened—the excitement, the surprise—those personal moments between people. I love that my cards are in the middle of that, helping to make those moments sweet and super fulfilling.”

via [mymodernmet]