22 Black Fine Line Tattoos by Rising Star Phoebe Hunter

Young dedicated and extremely talented Phoebe Hunter is a current apprentice of Tritoan at the Seventh Day studio. She discovered her passion for art early on and spent mornings watching cartoons and annoying her mum by wasting all of her printer paper for drawing whatever came to her mind. Phoebe studied art throughout school and spent all of her spare time practicing and trying to get got at all techniques she was bad at. The first time she really notices she was in love with tattoo art was when she was 10 and went with her brother to get his first piece. Before finding an apprenticeship in tattooing she wanted to be a veterinarian but quickly realized it wasn’t for her. She got accepted by Tritoan at Seventh day studio and studied the art from many incredibly talented artists absorbing their vast knowledge. As Phoebe wrote: “I’ve been at the studio for a while now and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else; never will you meet a group of friendlier, down to earth people then here. So if you like great people and great art then be sure to come check us out!”

Phoebe Hunter is young dedicated and talented rising star

She found her passion for tattoos when she was only 10

She’s a current apprentice of Tritoan at Seventh Day studios

When she was a child she would watch cartoons entire morning,

and draw all over every single printer paper in the house

Her work is very clean, precise and delicate

Dotwork frame for an enchanting picturesque deer

So clean and beautuful

Meticulous and gorgeous

Surreal touch

Another surreal masterpiece