26 Elegant Bouquets for Spring Brides

Counting back for your wedding day? Your wedding dress must have already been ready, hanged up in the wardrobe and waiting for that big day. Headpiece? Tick. Accessories? Tick. Shoes? Tick. What about your bridal bouquet? Have you decided for it yet? If you haven’t, we have some chic and elegant options for you. As the wedding dress is white, it is open for all colors, so you must only select the flower types and shades to arrange your bouquet. Spring offers a gorgeous palette of pastel tones and greenery which can be used as complementary elements. You may also want to include some ribbons, tulle or pearls which you think can go well with the style of your wedding dress. All in all, here you can see our selection of 26 elegant bouquets for Spring brides. Have a look at them before you make your latest decision.

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