360° Books Unfold Visual Stories – by Yusuke Oono

Yusuke Oono is the creator of these innovative 360° books. Born in Germany, an architect trained at the University of Tokyo uses his design skills to form 3D 40-panel books. They’re tiny in size but magnificent as art. Laser-cut paper tells many stories that can be watched from multiple angles. Unfolding panel by panel the story tells itself in 3D as a diorama of silhouettes. Yusuke Oono shares his tiny fairy tales here for you to see much more of his creations. Earth and Moon, depictions of Jack in the Beanstalk, and Mount Fuji are just a few of his marvelous paper scenes that you can buy. This revolutionary format is always a great gift since it’s greatly detailed and could be a beautiful decoration for a room. Finely crafted panoramic 3D worlds will bring a smile to anybody’s face every time.

Revolutionary format – 360° books – panoramic 3D worlds

Each page is finely crafted

Unfolding a beautifully detailed story

This could be a wonderful gift and a decoration

Earth and Moon, with clouds

Laser-cut paper

The story tells itself in 3D as a diorama of silhouettes

via [thisiscolossal]