The Horror Fun in the 3D Graffiti Optical Illusions by Pierrot, aka Scaf_oner

Pierrot, aka Scaf_oner, is a graffiti virtuoso, 3D illusionist that takes your breath away, often scaring you so hard that you’d think it was actually your last breath. Enormous monsters, beasts, and animal predators staring back at you in the middle of the street change the atmosphere of the place completely as you might have guessed. Pierrot founded his own company “GrafoDeco”, where he also paints for his fans and other business companies looking to make their walls more original. No school was needed for this man to evolve into the street artist he is today, all he ever needed were the streets. Learning by himself and with the help of other artists along the way got him to the heights where he is today. To reach such impeccable skills for creating 3D illusions of such scale you’ll need tons of experience and a lot of understanding of perspective, shadows, and much more. And as it is with these kinds of art pieces, people simply love taking photos in the middle of the “danger”. Pierrot brings fun and originality into everything he touches, so make sure to follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

Photo credits: scaf_oner

Scared to death!

He’s gonna beat you up with those gloves.

No shame angel



Not a fan of snakes too much, but this is gorgeous!

What an artist! Pure magic!

Your wish has been granted.


Um, behind you!

Nah, nah, nah, nah…No.


The struggle

An absolute beauty. Wizard at work.

All tangled up…

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