Adorable 3D Latte Art That Pops Out of Mugs

The 17-year-old self-taught latte artist from Singapore, Daphne Tan, also known as Periperipeng quickly made her name by whipping up 3D coffee foam characters that are peeking out of her mugs. Using Nespresso milk frother and mixing up a carob powder, soy milk, and water, she creates thick foam for her sculpted art pieces. When her meticulous approach to details start she gets her hands on natural food coloring and melted chocolate. Sounds better and better by each passing word, doesn’t it? Her products aren’t express expressos since each one needs up to 20 minutes to finish. Tan’s sculptures include fluffy puppies and cats, cute octopuses, and famous characters such are Pikachu, Nemo, and Snoopy. Her fantastic latte art attracted attention this August at the Singapore Coffee Festival where she was invited to demonstrate her talent. Tan even made ‘how-to’ photo guide on her website teaching us her 3D latte working process.

Daphne Tan is a 17-year-old self-taught latte artist from Singapore


Aka Periperipeng made her self known by creating magnificent 3D coffee foam characters


She uses Nespresso milk frother and mixes up carob powder, soy milk, and water…

…creating a thick foam for her latte sculputers

She uses natural coloring and melted chocolate for details

It takes about 20 minutes for these latte perfections to be finished


Tan doesn’t have or work in a caffe, and only does this as a hobby

She even made a ‘how-to’ guide on her website for anyone who wants to learn her craft

via [boredpanda]