4 Whimsical Water Animals Hand-Painted on 4 Surfboards by Jean Jullien

Known for his cartoonish characters and whimsical approach to everything he does, French artist Jean Jullien has done it again, and this time on the water. Working on surfboards has been his dream for a long time and he’s super excited that he can share his work with the world. “Each is unique and hand-painted on the foam before being glassed by @resinleague and polished by Polish: @paulyisearlgrey” Jullien brought his minimalistic lines in the forms of fish, whale, and seal to the collaboration with manufacturer Fernand. Single-color backdrops perfectly follow the whimsical characters that aim to brighten your day, every day. Make sure to follow this amazing artist on Instagram to learn more about his future works and also purchases of Jullien’s designs that you can make.

Happy times – Hand-Painted by Jean Jullien

Photo credits: Jean Jullien

Just keep smilling

He looks so relaxed


And pleased with himself

Jean Jullien is able to make your day with just a few lines painted on single-colored backdrops

To understand more the work of Jean Jullien here are a couple of pics from his other projects


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