5 Parrots Swearing Like Sailors At a Wildlife Park Got Themselves in Trouble

It happened 6 months ago, so now it’s a bit of old news, but still funny as hell, so we had to write about it. Five African grey parrots in the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park have somehow learned some baaad words. Yup, all five of them were telling visitors to F-off. It all happened during the quarantine. The visitors were not offended at all, they were laughing with the birds who had brightened up their day during the difficult period. But little foul mouth sailors Billy, Elsie, Eric, Jade, and Tyson (CD thinks Tyson started it all) were forced to change locations. The birds were separated due to their foul language. Luckily they are social creatures and they’ve blended with the new company immediately. They are still in the park just all five in different areas. There are ways for birds to forget certain phrases but the park has a plan. “They will eventually be integrated into a flock of over 200 African greys and hopefully they will have way too much on their minds,” shares Steve Nichols, the CEO of Lincolnshire Wildlife Park.

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Imagine 5 of these African grey parrots telling you to F-off in the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park.

Photo credits: Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

The park has rescued more parrots than anyone in the United Kingdom.

Yet this fella had some other plans for the visitors.

“We saw it very quickly—we are quite used to parrots swearing but we’ve never had five at the same time. Most parrots clam up outside, but for some reason, these five relish it.”


“People have come to us but they think it’s highly amusing, we haven’t had one complaint. When a parrot tells you to [eff] off, it amuses people very highly. It’s brought a big smile to a really hard year,shared the CEO of Lincolnshire Wildlife Park. 

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