5 Ways Windows Influence the Curb Appeal of Your Home

When you’re selling a home, curb appeal will make a first impression on potential buyers. Ideally, you want to make a strong and positive impression. If your home doesn’t look good when potential buyers arrive, they’re going to make lower offers.

One way to increase your home’s aesthetic is to replace the windows. Windows make up a large portion of people’s perception of a home because they stand out in their design, construction, and shape.

If you haven’t yet considered window replacement, and you care about curb appeal, here’s why new windows will make a big difference:

  1. It’s all about shape

If you’ve never replaced your windows or built a home from scratch, there are several types of windows that you may not know about. Some of these can make your home look instantly more charming. For instance, double hung and arched windows can make your home look more attractive.

The shape of your windows can drastically alter your home’s personality. You can create a specific vibe just by choosing a certain window style. For instance, square windows, round windows, and arched windows all give off a different vibe. All the same, large windows and windows with multiple small sections also give off different vibes.

All in all, the shape of your windows can influence a large percentage of the factors that make up curb appeal.

  1. Windows provide a view into a home

Windows are designed to be transparent so you can look outside. Although, people on the outside can also look through your windows and peer into your home. If your home has windows that put you and your entire family on display for the neighbors, people are going to judge your home by what they see inside.

If you have floor-to-ceiling windows, you have to be careful if you’re in a residential neighborhood with nearby streets or walking paths. You’ll need to draw your curtains to prevent people from staring inside. If your home looks fantastic on the inside, you probably don’t have to worry. However, if your home is a mess, people will notice and your home will lose aesthetic appeal.

  1. Ugly windows can be a deal-breaker

Ugly windows automatically reduce your home’s attractiveness to potential buyers.  Unlike other elements that are easily overlooked, like peeling siding, ugly windows can be a deal breaker. Windows are seen as a more permanent part of a home and not a quick fix.

If you have ugly windows, a potential buyer won’t necessarily be thinking about how they can change the windows. While some people have no problem completely renovating a new home, most people would rather find a better property.

  1. Windows give your home personality

What personality do you want your home to have? You can control that with your windows. That’s precisely what architects have been doing for centuries.

When you look at different home styles like Craftsman, Modern, and Tudor homes, you’ll notice the windows are entirely different and seem to create the entire perception of the home. For instance, Tudor windows are made with small glass panes held together in a crisscross lattice pattern. Although this was a structural necessity, it’s what makes Tudor windows so charming.

Another home style with unique windows are the Craftsman homes. Although these homes have many unique features, the windows are prominent. For instance, the windows on and around the front door are usually intricate and decorated. The other windows usually slide up to open and the frames are usually painted to match the rest of the home’s exterior.

  1. Window coverings can determine curb appeal

Have you ever seen a window covered by a sheet or a blanket? In some neighborhoods, that’s perfectly acceptable. However, if you’re in a nice neighborhood and you put up a sheet, your curb appeal will drop fast.

Part of the way windows influence curb appeal is through the window covering as seen from the outside. Whether it’s a drape, a curtain, or something decorative, all window coverings play a role in curb appeal.

Why care about curb appeal if you aren’t selling?

Curb appeal is more important than you might think. If you’re not selling your home, you might not think it matters. After all, who cares what your nosy neighbors think about you, right?

The truth is, curb appeal can affect the perception of your whole neighborhood, and if it’s really bad, it can drive down home values. The more attention you place on your windows, the better your home will look.