7 Most Troublesome Home Repairs

Although owning a house is great and all, it can become cumbersome after a while. Properties require a lot of love. Whether we’re talking about cutting grass, vacuuming several hundred square feet every few weeks, or performing various repairs, it is work that requires discipline and dedication.

This is especially true when it comes to home maintenance. Some of the things can be really hard and expensive to repair. Of course, changing garage door hinges is no biggie, but things get much more complicated when you have to replace the whole section of a roof.

What’s even worse, major repairs can come out of the blue, draining your home budget overnight. In these situations, there is very little you can do besides paying the piper. Nevertheless, you should at least be aware of these issues and how much they can cost.

In this article, I will go through 7 most expensive and troublesome home repairs that you’ll encounter sooner than later.

1.   Fixing the roof

Having a waterproof roof is especially important in regions with lots of rain and snow. This part of the house protects everything inside and, as such, any damage to it can lead to cumulative expenses. You can easily notice the first issues if there are some leaks. Alternatively, damage and discoloration of the shingles or tiles are a good indication you need to replace them.

The best way to address this issue is if you check the roof twice a year for signs of damage. Also, you should hire a professional every 5 years so they can perform thorough fixes.

2.   Repairing the house’s foundation

Even if your home is built upon a good foundation, these things tend to change over time. Heavy rains and intense droughts can change the basis, potentially leading to erosion.

Make sure that you have a good drainage system if you live in an area with heavy rains and snow. Additionally, the surrounding soil should be at an angle to allow better draining of waters. If you’re struggling with draughts, you should soak the soil during these periods to ensure it never gets too dry.

3.   Detecting termite damage

When it comes to insects, termites are the biggest threat to your home. The only saving grace is that they can only affect the wooden structure, so, depending on the materials used, they might not be as big of a deal for your house.

The best way to address this potential issue is to get monitors. Also, when building a house, make sure that you don’t have many wooden elements on the exterior. Regardless, homeowners should perform a thorough termite inspection once a year.

4.   Pipe bursting

The biggest issue with pipes is that it’s hard to spot the damage. What’s even worse, once you notice the problem, it can be hard to reach the broken pipe and replace it.

There are lots of potential signs that something is amiss. For example, you might notice some flaking or discoloration on the pipes (only if they’re in the open, of course). However, rusty water and major leaks are the best indicators.

To avoid extensive damage, you shouldn’t use strong chemicals. Additionally, make sure to perform regular maintenance every year or so.

5.   Removing mold

Mold can cause several issues. First off, these microorganisms are especially troublesome for people with allergies. As such, mold can cause major health problems. Even if you’re not a sensitive person, moldy areas are ugly, which makes it harder to sell the house.

Luckily, this is one of the issues you can easily detect. Even if you don’t notice mold on your walls and ceiling, you might develop an allergic reaction. The best way to address the formation of mold is to check for potential leaks and excessive humidity.

6.   Electrical problems

Electric issues are another thing you shouldn’t handle yourself. The wiring is in the walls, so if you try to do things yourself, there is a chance you will cause even bigger damage to your house. Alternatively, not fixing the problem can increase the chance of fire.

Flickering of lights is the best way to tell that something is wrong. You can also spot the problem if the appliances start shocking your family members or if breakers start tripping.

7.   Fixing heating systems

The biggest issue with heating and AC is that they usually break down during the heating or cooling season. This makes sense, given that this is the period when you’re using them. You can easily spot the issue if the system doesn’t work or if it starts making noises. Like with other things, it is best to hire a professional to fix it.