750 Shelter Dogs Kept Safe by Heroic Man from Serbia

Serbia’s biggest heart lies in the chest of Sasha Pesic (Saša Pešić) from the city of Niš. Back in 2008 on his way home, Sasha came across 4 abandoned puppies. Without good financials, Sasha still took them under his roof. Then there were 4, today it’s an overcrowded shelter with 750 dogs. 6 volunteers and Sasha opened a shelter that can give all these animals the right care. He knows all of their names, he gives them vaccines, sterilizes them and adds an identification microchip to each dog. Everything he does is possible due to help from people all around the world sending donations on his Patreon page. Each month there are $20k of fixed costs. 400 dogs were already adopted, which means this man has rescued around 1200 strays in need of help. To make things even more dramatic the landowners where the shelter is located urged authorities to depart the shelter. Thanks to the thousands of signed petitions for now at least authorities had to give up and let Sasha continue his charity work.

Without better alternatives, Sasha still agrees that his shelter is overcrowded and he opens up on that matter. “The problem here is in the system and the institutions that should be taking care of this,” Sasha spoke in an interview with Bored Panda. “They are broken and corrupted and cause even more damage rather than actually helping the situation. The other problem is in the irresponsibility of the owners who don’t neuter their dogs and leave them outside when they don’t want them anymore. Reasons vary from ‘I got a baby and I can’t take care of the dog’ to ‘I don’t need it anymore.’ I receive zero assistance from the government and some vets are actually charging me more than regular prices because they think I have a lot of money from donations. I’m all on my own and I cover the veterinary treatment and everything necessary out of donations and my own pocket. These dogs just need a little love, food, and care, many come to the shelter sad and scared but in time their joy is returned.”

More info: Sasha’s Instagram, Facebook, Patreon, and Paypal for one-time donations ([email protected]).

Say hi to Sasha Pesic – a Hero from Serbia


Location: Niš, Serbia; Shelter with 750 dogs

Sasha knows each dog’s name

Say hi to Miša, Đoka, Pera, Bobi, Đole, Steva, Meda, Maza, Mile!


Sasha rescued 1200 dogs and found home to 400

Each month there are $20k of fixed costs

And he doesn’t recieve any help from the government


Help him through Patreon with donations that will provide these dogs food and care they need.


Sasha and his 6 volunteers are also fighting with landowners that want his shelter gone

Thousands of petitions helped him to keep these dogs safe for now

“Many come to the shelter sad and scared but in time their joy is returned.”

All photo credits: sashashelterserbia – via [boredpanda]