8 Tennis Courts On Top of Each Other – Modular “Playscraper”

What an architectural treat for sports fans all around the globe! The future is here! Or at least very close to fruition. What you see below is a modular building, a construction that can be “easily” dismantled and rebuilt and moved all around the world. From the minds of Carlo Ratti (founder of the Carlo Ratti Associati studio) and Italo Rota (founder of studio Italo Rota) comes the transformer building made out of 8 tennis courts vertically positioned. Constructions of courts are super light thanks to the use of stainless steel. And yes, you heard it right, the skyscraper 300 feet high (91.5 meters), called “Playscraper” is all about tennis courts and that’s not all. It was designed for the RCS Sport (a sport and media company that operates mainly in Italy in the sports sector) and it was inspired by the dense annual sports calendar. Trying to match the rhythm of sports, the idea is to move the Playscraper from London for the Wimbledon, to Melbourne, for the Australian Open… What the building actually does besides allowing your favorite players to play tennis? The Playscraper has 2 completely transparent (shorter) facades for players to enjoy the beautiful city view. The magic comes in when you realize that long facades are not just that but the large “tv screens” for you to watch your favorite matches from the outside.

More info: Carlo Ratti Associati, Studio Italo Rota.


This project is yet to be built, but none the less, it has been designed for the Italian RCS Sport (sport and media company).


Known as “Playscraper”, this modular building is designed by the Carlo Ratti Associati, and Studio Italo Rota.

It’s meant to be reassembled and moved around the globe to follow some of the biggest tennis tournaments.

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