84-Year-Old Grandpa Becomes Fashion Star Overnight – Wearing Grandson’s Clothes

“I wear clothes of my grandson,” the Instagram of an overnight fashion superstar speaks for it itself. An 84-year-old grandfather from Japan is the focal point of each photo shoot his grandson takes. Together this dynamic duo seems to be touching the hearts of many as they acquire more than 35k of Instagram followers in less than a week. A former teacher, Silver Tetsuya, and his beloved grandson are from Akita, Japan but the love they get for the charming work they do comes from all around the world. The message they’re sending is that age comes with no social issues and youth-obsessed culture should think again about real life values. Become a student of charismatic Silver Tetsuya by supporting his and his grandson’s work through their lovely Instagram page and visit their official website as well.

Grandpa terminatior style, you know he comes from the future

Silver Tetsuya is a former teacher from Akita, Japan

Photographer is his beloved grandson

He wears grandson’s clothes and he’s rocking it

Dynamic duo acquired more than 35k of Instagram followers in less than a week

You don’t wanna mess with me, boi!

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