90’s Hollywood Stars Instead of Well-Known Marvel Heroes? Good or Bad Switcheroo?

As a fan of 90s Hollywood scene and the modern scene, this reanimation of the imaginary 90s cast of Avengers is absolutely perfect. Digital artist ‘Mat’ of ‘houseofmat’ paid his tribute to the one and only Stan Lee and the Endgame finale of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Turkish artist had put a twist on the MCU we all know and love and brought in the beloved stars of previous decades. Denzel Washington, Ben Stiller, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and many more have stepped in in the last second to save the day and most of them seem to be up to the job. Thanos would be worried for sure. Artist shared: “I started ‘houseofmat’ on Instagram in 2016 and my specific artworks such as “90’s Avengers” helped me to grow. This series gained a lot of attention and began to trend. Stan Lee’s official website even published my artwork. That was an unforgettable moment for me.”
Check out Mat’s Instagram, official website and Facebook page for more of his Photoshopped sorceries.

Eddie, Tom and Brad rocking it out!


You can tell these guys are just not that cool. JK

To be honest Denzel is perfect, and Ben seems feeting


Brendan Fraser the perfect match!

This whole scene is incredible. I would pay to watch this!


The man himself, digital artist behind these manipulations

Via [boredpanda]