Abigail Larson – Illustrator of All Things Strange and Macabre

Every one us from time to time is in the mood to take a walk on the dark side and dwell in horror movie nights, some interesting literature about supernatural or just fun TV shows about mystery and magic. Our peculiar artist, Abigail Larson, delights in the strange and archaic, so when she’s not busy creating, she can likely be found basking in darkness, watching re-runs of Dark Shadows, traveling, researching bizarre myths and legends, or spending time with her favorite long-legged beasts, ghouls, ghosts and other things that go bump in the night. Abigail’s inspirations are fairytales, folklore and ghost stories. The works of Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, the Brothers Grimm, and many classic gothic works of fiction, such as Dracula and Frankenstein have always stirred her imagination. Abigail works primarily with pencil, ink, watercolor, and Photoshop, creating unique mixed-media illustrations. Her illustrations have been featured in various publications including Spectrum Fantastic Art, Art Fundamentals, The Graphic Canon of Children’s Literature, Rue Morgue, and Digital Artist. She’s worked with many companies, including IDW, Titan Comics, Pelican Books, 3Dtotal, Syfy, and Sideshow Collectibles. Also, her fully-illustrated version of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Cats of Ulthar was released in November of 2016. She teamed up with Universal Pictures and Desert Owl Games to create “The Huntsman: Winter’s Curse”, the companion game to “The Huntsman” feature film. She is currently working on “The Dark Wood Tarot” for Llewellyn Worldwide and resides in Turin, Italy. Be sure to visit her website for more extraordinary art and more useful information, tips, and advice, especially if you are an aspiring illustrator, cause you’ll have a chance to learn from the best.


Livia Asleep in the Library

Penny Dreadful – Vanessa Ives


The Fortune Teller

Charlotte the Spider Girl



Edgar Allan Poe

Witches Ball


Witch and Her Familiar – The Toad

Lydia from Beetlejuice

H. P. Lovecraft


Krampus and Perchta

Clever Little Alice

Headless Horseman


Victor Frankenstein

Count Dracula Reading

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