Adorable Dogs Before & After Japanese Grooming

Grace Chon is a wonderful animal photographer and author of a new book titled ‘Puppy Styled’, which contains 100 before and after Japanese dog grooming photos. Initially, Grace started this project as a photo series she named ‘Hairy’. Now it’s one of her most important works. She had spent 3 months photographing last 30+ dogs in their adorable transformation. Every single dog has been groomed in a Japanese grooming style, which has only one goal, and that’s bringing out the dogs’ individual personalities while making them look as cute as possible. The process is focused on details and involves deep consideration of the dog’s best attributes. Talented groomers from Healthy Spot in Los Angeles, CA, were behind all of these creative transformations. Most of the groomers were specialized in this style and trained by Japanese masters. Complete journey and ridiculously sweet animal book ‘Puppy Styled’ is available for purchase on Amazon and in the bookstores. Have fun and visit the official website of Grace Chon as well as her Instagram page for more groomed puppies!

Photos by animal photographer Grace Chon


Buddy groomed by Koko Fukaya

Bowie before

Bowie groomed by Rebecca Bradford


Bella before

Bella groomed by Koko Fukaya

Herman before

Herman groomed by Patricia Sugihara


Messi before

Messi groomed by Koko Fukaya

Calvin before

Calvin groomed by Koko Fukaya


Nala before

Nala groomed by Alyson Ogimachi

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