Adorable Pet Rats Photo-Shoot Breaks Their Negative Image by Diane Ozdamar

Artist Diane Ozdamar had created this adorable project to prove and change people’s minds when it comes to rats. The negative image that follows these beautiful and friendly animals stops here. Diane used her own pet rats as well as rats of her friends as models for this gorgeous photo collection. Rats are actually extremely intelligent, social, and playful. They love cuddles and they are very clean animals. They are so friendly with their own favorite humans, people like to compare them and call them ‘tiny dogs’. When getting pet rats it’s a must that you get at least two rats of the same gender, as they need their buddy to hang out. Artist shares that no animals were harmed while photographing. Almost every accessory was made by Diane, and it was designed so it could never hurt her pets, and rats actually were very relaxed through the entire photo shoot. Even the ladybug had her fun and flew away minding her own business.

Num num num

Yaaaaawn! GMM everybody!

So beautiful

I’m too tiny to wear it properly, but I am a sir

Rats are extremely social and they need their buddies to hang out

His mine, my Valentine!

via [artfido]