Adorable Toddler with Down Syndrome Becomes Instagram Star and Model for Top Fashion Brands

Emmett’s rise to fame is all thanks to his mom, Sarah Lowry, 29, who decided to start an Instagram page as a parenting and Down syndrome support blog when he was born. She has posted photos of Emmett online ever since, leading to his popularity has soared. Sarah, who works as a nurse, says hopes Emmett’s modeling will help contribute to an increase in “public acceptance” for children with Down syndrome. We’re cheering for them and sending so much love to this amazing family! Follow Sarah Lowry on Instagram and share Emmett’s story.

A toddler with Down syndrome, Emmett Lowry, has become a successful Instagram influencer and modeled for top fashion brands including Gap Kids.

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Mother-of-two, Sarah Lowry, said: “When we found out about the diagnosis when I was 13 weeks pregnant I was very worried about how Emmett would be received and treated.”

“As a parent, I want to try to teach society to accept children like Emmett for who they are, and not as a child with a disability. People do tend to have pre-conceived perceptions so it’s all about knocking those walls down.”


“I’ve just been taking photos of everyday life and our family and one day I tagged Gap Kids in a post because he was wearing one of their sweaters. They asked if they could re-post it, and they have over 1 million followers, so that felt massive for me.”

“That was a huge help and it does feel like we’ve had a bit of a breakthrough with things like that now. I am surprised at how well he has been received online and for me, it’s all about showing the world Emmett is just like any other child. Anything I can do to increase acceptance and raise awareness is great.”

Sarah said she wanted to make a point of this by creating an Instagram page dedicated to Emmett, showing photos of him growing up and thriving in his early years, with the mom delighted when the uplifting page began to take off in popularity with fans and brands.


“Initially, I just wanted it to be a page for our family photos and as a blog so I can provide help and support to other families who are dealing with a Down syndrome diagnosis,” – said Sarah, who runs a nonprofit organization called Love That Surpasses.

The major breakthrough for Emmett has added to his other modeling duties for DockATot and Tenth & Pine. These two major retailers have a deal in place which sees them send Emmett products for free in exchange for exposure in posts on Sarah’s Instagram feed.

Emmett’s page has almost 2,000 followers, and he’s just secured another deal with baby and children’s accessory retailer, Mushie. The brand will soon begin sending Emmett products like toys, bibs, and pacifiers for him to model in photos for his page.


Sarah has no explanation for why Emmett has been hand-picked by so many top brands, and can only attribute his popularity to his “amazing smile”, she said – “The fact that big companies have reached out is great for the message of inclusion and acceptance. As for his mom I really see his worth and value and as a parent, it feels great to push that message out there.”

“Emmett smiles an awful lot and at everyone he sees. He brings out the best in everyone and people do tell me how cute he is. I am really proud of who he is becoming and what we are doing together.”

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