Striking Aerial Icelandic Landscapes by Gábor Nagy

Gábor Nagy is a freelance photographer based in Budapest, Hungary. As one of the finest photographers, he’s chosen Sony Alpha Ambassador. Probably because there aren’t any big mountains in Hungary, his love for the alpine landscape must have been formed at an early age. The hikes and climbs got a new meaning when he started to bring a camera to these trips. As he likes to say – “when I travel, I take photos. So I travel”. He’s specialized in arctic regions like Iceland and Norway, and in the high mountains like The Dolomites, the Austrian, German, Slovenian Alps, and the High Tatras. In our little gallery you’ll have a chance to see some of the most stunning shots of landscapes of Iceland but for more Nagy’s art visit his Instagram Page and website.


The Glorious Land

“Definitely the most memorable evening I’ve ever had in Thórsmörk. Harsh and raw and dark, and beautiful.”


Thórsmörk and Volcano Huts

The Bleeding Crater


When water meets the land from under and above.

Rich greens and blues with all that black volcanic rock.


“Insane color palette of the Highlands. This country was my first love as a photographer and it will always be my favorite destination.”

Via [designyoutrust]