Air-Mountain by Aether, Connecting Man-Made with Nature, Interior with Exterior

2019’s OCT Pheonix Flower Festival in Shenzhen, China had one unusual gigantic structure. Air-Mountain by Aether Architects is a translucent connection between man-made and Nature. The inflatable design served a dual purpose as an exhibition space and a bouncing mountain to climb for everyone. Air holes were made for air to circulate for plants and people playing inside the structure. Founder of the Aether Zelin Huang has a background in fine art and a specific philosophy for the company. “focus on the spatial creation of a connection between phenomenology and architecture, try to create a building that is not isolated from nature, but between man-made and natural, connecting man-made with nature.”


2019’s OCT Pheonix Flower Festival in Shenzhen, China

Air-Mountain by Aether Architects


Air holes are there for people and plants to breathe while being inside of the air-mountain

Bouncing mountain to climb for everyone

Connecting Nature with man-made

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