Friendly Alaskan Malamutes Are as Adorable as They’re Big

Let’s start with the most important facts. They can live up to 10-12 years. The height of a female dog (up to shoulders and not counting the head) can be 61cm (24”) while the male can be around 66 cm (26”), with their horizontal length of 107 cm (42”). Weight of these adorable fluffies is around 32-43 kg (70-95 lbs) which means even though they look enormous they are not as heavy as they seem. Their traits are wonderful being very intelligent, a bit stubborn, but incredibly friendly, patient, independent, and full of energy. They need their walks since they’ve been pulling sleds for generations. As domestic dogs of Alaska, they’ve developed a high sense of pack hierarchy. As for being a backyard dog, you’ll need a good fence to keep them in. They are amazing climbers and diggers as well. In their heart, they’re hunters for wildlife so the leash might be the smartest thing while being outdoors. As for the indoors, they are super patient and friendly which makes them amazing with the kids. Also, they seem to forget they’re not lap dogs anymore since they love to sit with their owners in a loving embrace. Another story is their health that is often at risk due to genetic prepositions. If the mother or father of a dog had hip dysplasia or polyneuropathy it’s a high risk the little doggo will need an expensive operation too. So keep that in mind if you’re looking to share your life with these beautiful gentle giants. Now, the big fur of the lovely beast needs to be brushed regularly and bathed once in a few weeks to keep it healthy. If you have that under control you are officially ready to adopt this amazing colossus that will make your life full of joy.

via [boredpanda]