The “Disappearing” Beauty of Greenland – Albert Dros’ Latest Project with Special Mission – Global Warming Awareness

You already know a lot about our featured photographer Albert Dros, one of the finest landscape photographer we talked about here, on Curious Doodle. This time he takes us to Greenland to show us the beauty of the country in his own way and remind us of global warming. “It’s like creating art out of nature. We position and navigate our sailboats through the ice, sometimes taking hours to find a good composition or iceberg. The results are photos that seem unreal.” Dros and his crew planned a wide variety of photos ranging from photos where their boats where behind arches, against a moonrise, against huge walls of ice, around interesting icebergs that you can see through the water, etc. The compositions and possibilities were endless. It’s really a playground for a photographer like him. “Playing with shapes, textures, and reflections in the water, sometimes using a seagull or a whale for the scale, shows the real raw beauty of this place. A place that might not exist anymore after a few 100 years, or maybe even much sooner. Maybe even in my lifetime?” With global warming really kicking in over the last year with record temperatures everywhere it’s really something that we should be aware of even more. This is not only about Greenland. This is about our whole planet, said Albert Dros. Be sure to visit his Instagram Page and the official website where you can find his blog and read more about this fascinating project.

“Our two red sail boats posing around a cool iceberg (pun intended). I spotted this one from very far away with binoculars. It took us 1.5 hours to sail to it and we were not disappointed.”


“By using the clever placement of the sailboats, we create scale, emotion and a certain atmosphere. The boats are our subject, and the ice landscapes combined with the weather conditions are our canvas.”

“We are sailing everyday and the light can last for hours during the midnight sun with sometimes spectacular sunsets and sunrises as a result.”


“By using our boats we show the massive scale of some of these icebergs. This one had a lake in the middle, with even a waterfall.”

“I hope you enjoyed these series and realize that Greenland is a place that will not be there forever. With posting these photos, I hope to create more awareness of the beauty, existence and  possibilities, but hopefully not “disappearance” of this place.”

via [designyoutrust]