Russian Architect Merges Nature and Architecture Designing Modern House Idyll

How many times you were that much stressed out to yell how you want to run away in the middle of nowhere and live alone? Everyday struggles sometimes take the best of us but just stop for a moment and think about some beautiful place, far from the city rush, untouched nature, peace and quiet. Hold that thought cause we’re going to show you how this Russian architect made your dreams come true. Alexander Nerovnya created this unreal project and designed a number of houses, and placed them in carefully chosen environments. Yes, modern houses in the middle of nature. Nerovnya selects the ambiance as accurately and fairly as possible to insert his constructions in a variety of contemporary shapes and materials. A rectangular glass house in the middle of a fir forest, an asymmetrical building on the edge of a snow-covered lake. The whole is peaceful and beautiful – nature and architecture are simply just one. These are just breath-taking concepts and yet, those designs really make you think and dream even more about your perfect place for a living. For more of those dream-houses visit architect’s Instagram Page and decide which one is right for you, if you already didn’t.


Bedroom Cabin

Dining House


Hotel in Trysil

Stavanger House


Double House in Spitzbergen

Arendal House


Bergen House

Bern House


Western House

Club House, Limassol, Cyprus

Via [fubiz]