From One Artist to Another – A Tribute to Vincent Van Gogh

Alireza Karimi Moghaddam was born in 1975 and earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Graphic from the College of Graphic, Azad University, Tehran, Iran. He turned professional in 1991, and animation, graphic design, and illustration became his areas of expertise. Iranian cartoonist shares his admiration for Vincent van Gogh in a comic series starring the Post-Impressionist painter. “Vincent van Gogh is not just an artist for me. He has been a myth (sic) for me for about 30 years,” – explains Moghaddam. From cycling through a meadow of sunflowers and laying in wheat fields to paddling in the ocean and observing the night sky, Moghaddam often illustrates Van Gogh exploring the nature that inspired some of his most famous works. Scroll down to see some of our favorite picks and you can find even more from the series on Moghaddam’s Instagram.

Digitally rendered in colorful line work, Moghaddam’s comics are aesthetically cheery, but that doesn’t mean the talented cartoonist shies away from portraying Van Gogh’s darker side.

Many images illustrate the troubled artist’s battle with mental health.

What really catches his fancy is Van Gogh’s admirable coloring, magical illumination, and wonderful composition.

He not only reflects the master’s iconic style in his Vincent Van Gogh illustrations but also makes Van Gogh’s bearded-self figure in almost all of them.

Standing atop of a bridge, contemplating suicide.

Feeding his cut-off ear to crows.

One more legendary artist – Frida Kahlo

No matter the situation, each illustrated scene gives a true representation of the iconic artist’s life in Moghaddam’s distinct, animated style.

Moghaddam’s works are not only being appreciated worldwide but have also received awards. In 1996, he received the first prize in Nasreddin Hoca Festival in Turkey and in 1996 and 1998, he received special awards in Umoristi Marostica Exhibition in Italy. He also received special awards in Baku Cartoon Exhibition in Azerbaijan in 2007 and in China Cartoon Exhibition in China in 2008.

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