alon_art – Creating Unexpected Combinations of Everyday Objects

The anonymous artist known as “alon_art” on Instagram loves to create unexpected combinations of objects that do not have any link between them, such as yellow roses in a french fries carton or an egg made from acrylic paint on a palette. He finds inspiration in the little things he sees every day. “I can go to the market and inspire me with beautiful tomatoes that I see on a stall or a pretty bouquet of roses at a florist.” With his works, the artist wants people to see things differently. “It always makes me happy to know that people see the humor behind my works and know that I sometimes criticize different topics that interest us all.” For more of those interesting creations visit alon_art on Instagram.

Artist Breakfast


Summer Flip Flops

Tic Tac

Hot Corn



Sweet Nails

“After all the cleaning I deserve it. Cheers!”




Red Balloon for Rani Fisher – “On January 11, I also blew a red balloon to raise awareness of genetic diseases and the memory of sweet Rani Fisher. Each year Renny’s Wish Association promotes a cause for special children.”




Hot Lipstick

via [fubiz]