‘Alternative Limb Project’ – Surreal Prostheses That Will Change Your Life

Prosthesis designer Sophie de Oliveira Barata is the founder of ‘The Alternative Limb Project’. Studio designs unconventional prostheses limbs as well as hyper-realistic ones. Today we’ll focus on alternative limbs that cover surrealistic designs, merging the latest technology with traditional crafts. Body modification, evolution, transhumanism seems to be an alluring way to start a positive conversation about disabilities and celebrate body diversity. Each prosthetic involves the collaboration of many specialists in various fields, such are 3D modeling, electronics, designers, plus the most advanced technology that is used for each ‘art piece’. It’s supposed to be an extension of personality as well, as the fashion itself is a form of self-expression. The client list is full with famous Paralympic athletes, models, musicians, and video game companies. Sophie’s work’s been featured on many television/online shows and has been rewarded by great acceptance and praise.

By ‘The Alternative Limb Project’

Studio creates surrealistic and hyper-realistic prostheses

Celebrating body diversity and starting positive conversation about disabilities

It’s also a fashion and an extension of personality

Clients include famous paralympics, musicians, models, and video game companies

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