Amazing Spaceships Inspired by Household Objects

Eric Geusz is an artist, game developer, and programmer whose passion for drawing and designing stretches all the way to his early childhood. “I have been drawing and making spaceships out of Legos since I saw Star Wars in 1997,” Eric shares. He’s armed with a degree in Computer Science with a minor in film and digital media, and also formal training in 3D, animation and compositing. His tools are sharp and his mind is even sharper. He finds inspiration in literally everything around him as it can be seen in the photos below. Software engineer by day and freelance digital artist by night, Eric encourages people to daydream just like he does and to go and make their dreams a reality. “I’m a huge science fiction and fantasy fan, and often I find myself daydreaming, turning the world around me into my own world. I’m always inspired by the great artists of science fiction like Moebius, Ralph Mcquarrie, Chris Foss, Syd Mead, and others.” If you’re wondering about Eric’s favorite video games, they are Mass Effect, Halo, and Homeworld. Please visit Eric’s Instagram and Artstation profile.

Have you ever tought about shampoo as an awesome spaceship?

I’ll never grab my sandwich the same way ever again

Ridiculously ingenious

It had to be an accidental discovery?!

The captain himself

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