Amina Ependieva – A Girl Who Inherited Two Genetic Mutations and Exceptional Beauty

This 11-year-old Chechen girl’s face is a piece of art. Her name is Amina Ependieva. She is diagnosed with two rare genetic conditions: Albinism in which she lacks the melanin pigment making her skin and hair extremely white, and Heterochromia in which her eyes are different in color. Amina Ependieva’s photos were first posted by photographer Amina Arsakova on her Instagram Page, thus telling her followers that her “search for the beauty has once again succeeded”. The images were posted in January 2020 which immediately went viral and received over 10k likes and hundreds of comments. Scroll down and see for yourself, this girl is truly unique.

All Photo Credits, Instagram: aminaarsakova

Amina Ependieva was born on December 11, 2008, in Grozny, the capital city of Chechnya, Russia.

Amina is said living there since her birth. However, many netizens are also claiming Amina to be from Kurchaloy, a small town in Chechnya.


She is very well known in Chechnya for her breathtaking beauty.


Amina acquired multiple rare genetic mutations that made her appearance truly amazing. Now the girl is still studying at school, but surely we will hear about her in the future because fashion agencies will not want to miss such beauty.

via [mysteriesrunsolved]