Streets of Amsterdam by Stijn Hoekstra

As winter approaches, fantastic photographer Stijn Hoekstra based in Amsterdam, Holland showcases the calm, cold yet beautifully soothing atmosphere of his city. Brilliantly captured soft hues and oncoming fog evoke shivers and awe to the spectators. Hoekstra delivers us in a magnificent fashion fascinating sights and insights to this wondrous city.
As if these striking photos aren’t enough to hypnotize your way to visit amazing Amsterdam soon maybe these fun facts will. Amsterdam is sinking! The entire city built on water, with the swampy soil underneath has started to show some lop-sided buildings due to these circumstances. All buildings are built for that reason on many long wooden and concrete poles dug deep into the ground to prevent them from sinking underwater. Over 11 million supporting poles are hidden underneath these beautiful buildings you see in Hoekstra’s artwork. You didn’t see that coming didn’t ya.

Photographs by Holland’s Stijn Hoekstra


Calm, cold, yet soothing atmosphere of the city’s streets

Soft hues and oncoming fog evoke shivers and awe


As winter aproaches Hoekstra captures perfectly gloomy fog overtaking the streets


via [fubiz]