Dual Meaning of Dreamy Animal Portraits by Andreas Häggkvist – Environmental Stand

Art with dual purpose is by rule from exceptional artists, special unique people who know the real-life values and fight to make a world just a bit better with all their heart and soul. Andreas Häggkvist is just that kind of man. “Art with heart” is the way he calls his work. Surreal animal portraits with environment messages subtly, perfectly intertwined, never forcing anything upon his viewers, and keeping the beauty of visuals unharmed. “That is certainly something I’m constantly struggling with; finding that perfect balance,” artist shares in an interview he made for mymodernmet. “The goal with my art is not only to bring a little smile to the observer’s face and create a good feeling, but also make them stop and think for a moment about some of the things that are happening on, and to, our planet. To have an emotional experience.” As a child artist grew up in a small town in Sweden rich in forest and wildlife. Environmental passion and taking care of threatened creatures gradually evolved from a lifelong love for all animals. “I try to see my art as a conversation between two good friends, and how they influence each other. That’s what I want my art to be; that good friend who makes a little difference in your life, without ever forcing something on you.”
Instagram of Andreas Häggkvist, and full interview on mymodernmet.

‘Art with heart’

Andreas Häggkvist’s environmental stand – a gorgeous dreamy animal portraits

Artist aims to bring people together in fight against pollution, poaching, and climate change

Lifelong love for all animals made artist focus his work on such important topic

“We will make the world a little bit better together”

via [mymodernmet]