Anime Artist Turns Son’s Drawings Into Pure Art

French anime artist, Thomas Romain, known as a part of the famous series as Space Dandy, Basquash!, and Aria, seems to be most inspired by his extraordinary creative son. ‘Father and Son’s Design Workshop’, as Thomas likes to call it, is their everyday routine. They sit down together and his son opens his mind to vivid ideas he then draws on paper. After a creature is born, it reaches closer to its rebirth through Thomas’s professional reanimation. Artist lives and works in Tokyo and together with his son; they share a YouTube channel where you can see videos of a work progress for each beast in the making. On Patreon page you’ll see the making of videos and drawing advices if you’re kind to support this creative family duo. Illustration book has been already published in France and soon to come to Japan and English in their own language versions.

“Father & Sons’ Design Workshop”

By Tokyo-based anime artist Thomas Romain

Thomas sits down with his son every day,

Together they make art!

His son signing the illustration book in Paris

His son first creates these creatures from is vivid imagination

Then Thomas adds his finishing professional touch

They’ve published their illustration book in France; soon in Japanese and English version

Visit their YouTube channel to see how it’s all done

via [artfido]