Photographer’s Childhood Dream to Visit Japan Finally Comes True

A dream come true. Memphis raised photographer and filmmaker Anthony Presley waited 20 years to fulfill his great dream. “I’ve wanted to go to Japan ever since I was a child. Its culture, nature, and architecture – I always thought those were absolutely beautiful,” Mr. Presley shared. “I must admit when I stepped out of the Tokyo Train station I could not stop myself from tearing up because the desire that I have been holding for the past 20 years was finally within my grasp.” A fine art/conceptual photographer discovered his love for photography at the age of 14. As an artist, he was able to travel the world and experience a unique connection with the international audience. Through his career, he took magnificent photos of Dubai, Bahrain, as well as photos of France, Spain and the US. To learn more about this brilliant photographer visit his Facebook and Instagram.

Photos by Anthony Presley



The Future is Here


“Tengoku e no hashi”

“Tengoku e no hashi II”



“After the Rain”

“Neonfantaji (Neon Fantasy)”

Source: Bored Panda